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Our Mission

We are aiming to become a leading global inventory monetization platform where investors could subscribe to a new asset class through our platform.

Our Story

We are the result of four years of research and development of ALT Capital LTD in the FinTech market. Thanks to the support of a powerful Development Team, we built an innovative, proprietary technology for Account receivables and inventory monetization. GLIDER.ST is the first independent FinTech Company that provides a new way of Inventory monetization in order to satisfy Companies working capital needs operating in a wide range of industrial sectors. This scalable service is already gaining traction in several domestic markets through partnerships with major Arrangers and Banks.


The business was established in 2021 after years of research and development work on the business model, a digitized technology platform to allow the company to be scalable and to connect everything together.

Our founding team with a diversified background spanning trading, shipping, technology, and law came together to research into and develop a solution for global SME firms operating as producers/traders/end users in the bulk commodity import/export space.

The solution to this ecosystem was a simple one, i.e. find a way to improve cash position for SME firms without giving credit or finance. The offered solution is taking a neutral principal position and direct ownership  of the account

receivables and products during shipment or during a pre-agreed storage period.

Now the Company offers investors a globally unique non-credit approach to access the low risk, low default, and diversified returns available from the digitalized asset class.

Experienced Leadership

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